Your Challenge

The food industry is challenging, fast paced and complicated and everyone needs help to support their teams from time to time. Whatever your challenge, I am here to help.

Your Challenge

The food industry is challenging, fast paced and complicated and everyone needs help to support their teams from time to time. Whatever your challenge, I am here to help

I have spent my career solving a multitude of problems throughout the industry so whether you need to utilise my skills in team development, retailer management or innovation and product development I am here to help and support your needs.

Different people approach me with different challenges – click on the examples below to find out how I can help add value to your business.

Challenge 1 - How can I improve the quality and food safety of fresh produce?
Often those who have a strong understanding of the complexities of the fresh produce industry have little understanding of those further down the food chain and vice versa. I have developed specialist knowledge of fruit and vegetable seasonality and growing cycles as well as varietal performance and development, logistics and optimising storage conditions which can improve product quality across the supply chain. Furthermore I have developed industry leading standards which improve growing practices and thereby reduce the risk of food safety incidents such as microbiological contamination of fresh produce.

Examples include development and implementation of grower audit standards, customer complaint reduction strategies or identifying and delivering opportunities for extending shelf life.

Challenge 2 - How do I strengthen relationships with retailers?
Food retailers want to offer the consumer ‘value for values’ but increasingly the goalposts are shifting as they realise that values come at a cost and it can be difficult to build and strengthen relationships which have become transactional.

Businesses can stay ahead of the curve by understanding retail strategy so that they can evolve to compete effectively.  I have worked extensively with all leading UK retailers across various categories and understand the way that they work, their motivations and how to keep them happy.

Examples include: sharing insights through working with client teams in order to help them develop the necessary skills and strategies to gain competitive advantage.

Challenge 3 - How can I use data to add value to my supply chains?
In general the data maturity level across the food industry is low and emphasis tends to focus on what is happening now and why it is happening, rather than using the data collected to provide predictive or prescriptive solutions. But this data is the key to unlocking the future of the industry. By mapping it throughout the supply chain, patterns emerge to highlight key areas for quality improvement or increased efficiency.

Examples include: UK Government led Agrimetrics team who have developed a web based platform which can collect, store and analyse agri-food data. Their aim is to catalyse a data ecosystem in which knowledge is created and disseminated using data and modelling as the currency. By interpreting their data analytics I can identify key findings that can deliver both information and knowledge back to businesses so that solutions can be found that can produce real competitive advantage.

Challenge 4 - How do I build a credible innovation pipeline?
There is increasing pressure across the food industry to develop and maintain innovation pipelines in order to create and sustain competitive advantage. The key to innovation is to create value and this can be achieved either through driving sales, for example with the launch of new products or through driving profit, for example through creating more efficient processes. I have a wealth of experience in helping various businesses to identify, prioritise and develop innovations and enhance existing products.

Examples include varietal development and breeding programmes, the development of novel technologies, re-engineering equipment design and bringing new concept product developments to market.

Challenge 5 - I need a great food technologist troubleshooter
Many of the challenges facing a food technologist require experience and judgement to resolve. These challenges can be as diverse as tracking the traceability of raw materials to ensure the integrity of supply chains in order to mitigate against food safety issues or fraud, through to challenging factory hygiene and microbiological results in order to extend product shelf life.

I have spent the past 20 years building this knowledge and breadth of experience across ambient, chilled and frozen food so that I am able to fully understand whole supply chains and their complexities, how to challenge and improve them to deliver sustainable, profitable solutions for business.

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