“Lucy worked at Mack as a consultant leading technical innovation projects for the business over the past year. Her work has been outstanding and has delivered above expectations as well as gaining respect throughout the Fresca Group. Lucy demonstrated a unique ability to connect with people at all levels within our organisation and as a result her inclusive leadership style inspired others to achieve whilst motivating them to deliver what she required. Her experience, intellect and business acumen are a strong force for leading change within the fresh produce sector.”

Ian Craig

CEO, Fresca Group

“Lucy worked with M&S on rewriting our “Select Grower” food safety protocol. Her understanding of the end to end fresh produce supply chain was valuable. Her logical and practical approach ensured we delivered this key project on time and has been extremely well received by our growers. Lucy is an excellent communicator and very well organised, making sure that all key stakeholders are kept informed at all stages. I am delighted that Lucy was part of this team and we will utilise her extensive knowledge in future”.

Johnathan Sutton

Technical Manager – Fresh Produce, Plants & Flowers, Marks and Spencer Plc

“I have worked on a number of projects with Lucy and found her to be a great team player who when required is happy to step forward to lead and direct where required. She has a detailed knowledge and experience of many technical and production aspects of the food and farming industry which she is able to effectively combine with the practicalities of the production/growing environment to deliver effective solutions to the challenges we have worked on together. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lucy to any senior business team to help develop, train or support their business”.

David Kennedy

Managing Director, Farm2Fork Technical Consultancy Ltd

“Lucy’s work was outstanding, providing me with a clear insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the technical functions and developing appropriate training, coaching and mentoring for the team. Her value extended across the whole business”.

Dr Steve Rothwell

Group Technical Director, Vitacress Group

“Lucy worked with Berry Gardens to help redevelop the Quality Manual. Her work was detailed and thorough and she was able to add value to our business through her own experience and suggestions for improvements. Her communication was clear, logical, effective and timely and I would not hesitate in recommending her to others”.

Adrian Wallbridge

Technical and Development Director, Berry Gardens

We feel like we get the best of both worlds by having Lucy working with us as we don’t need someone with her level of experience 24/7. We value the strategic vision piece that Lucy can deliver which we have not found that in other technical consultants. Some of her work can be quite theoretical but she brings it to life in real context which provides an informative and inspirational way of tackling problems.”

Kate Milligan

Managing Director, Fenmarc Produce

“Lucy gets on with people very quickly and easily, she’s conscientious and she does her best to do a good job. She is a very knowledgeable person; she has good technical judgement about quality issues and microbiology issues. Scientifically she’s very strong and has a very good role to play – she’s got a very creative mind and she’s very good at thinking of creative solutions. I’d be very happy to work with her back again if the need arose in the future.”

Nigel Pattenden

Trading Area Technical Manager, Marks & Spencer

“Lucy’s work is superior to anyone else that I work with externally. If I didn’t have her working on my project, it wouldn’t have got done – and it wouldn’t have got done nearly as well either. I value her exceptional organisation and project management skills – she is a hard taskmaster but she is fun to work with too!”

Andy Mitchell

Senior Technologist, Marks & Spencer

“Lucy is able to apply her knowledge and expertise to provide help and support to those less experienced and has the ability to explain complex problems in simple terms as well as gaining further insights from her extensive network of contacts. She works effectively as part of any team and has been a pleasure to work with”.

Nick Parrish

F B Parrish & Sons

“Lucy has a unique set of skills, not only being able to add value to the business through her technical expertise but also in understanding the business, its operations and future potential. She has provided valuable insight to the way that the business runs and its interactions both internally and externally. Her knowledge of the whole supply chain from farming through to packing, processing and retail has been a real asset”.

Stephen Hedderly

Managing Director, Bedfordshire Growers

“Lucy has always been there to help and support me as I have developed my business – they believe there is no such thing as a stupid question and I would have no hesitation in recommending her”.

Paul Thomas

The Tomato Stall, Isle of Wight

“Lucy and I have worked together on several projects. Lucy has a breadth of experience across the industry, covering food manufacturing sites and leading retailers. Lucy is therefore able to offer informed guidance and leadership to achieve each projects brief and/or targets. She is a great communicator and can effectively manage projects to achieve the end goal. She is a pleasure to work with and I have no hesitation in recommending her expertise for small and large projects within the food industry”.

Alison Mullaney

Technical Manager, Major Multiple UK Supermarket

“I have been involved in a couple of projects with Lucy focusing on raising standards within the fresh produce sector. Lucy was key to the success of these projects through her ability to plan, organise and communicate at all levels, keeping the working groups on track to deliver on time. Lucy was also able to offer great insight to the projects based on her extensive knowledge of the Food Industry”.

Matt O’Hagan

Senior Technologist, Marks and Spencer Plc